Batilogs Ball

posted 7 Feb 2017, 05:29 by Nine Ignorant Cocks   [ updated 7 Feb 2017, 05:33 ]

Hello Fellow Hashers,

We are excited to be hosting a Hash Ball for our 2400 run at LH4!  The bollocks is on 27 May and all the details are on the above most excellent poster.  

We will close registration on April 20th so want to make sure you sign up for some bollocks, or you'll miss out. Please let me know if you have any questions.



what a cunch of bunts!

SKH3 Xmas Party Sat 14 December 2013

posted 23 Nov 2013, 19:08 by Guy Shirra   [ updated 7 Feb 2017, 05:54 by Nine Ignorant Cocks ]

NOTICE - Sek Kong H3 Xmas Party 2013

7pm Sat 14 December, Senior Officers' Mess, Police HQ, Wanchai

Payment: if you have not yet paid, please bring CASH ($300/head)

Disco: we have a Farty Sound System but please bring and dirty dance music on your iPod

Seating: there will be 9 tables of  6 persons each (52 confirmed so far)

Food: Three course traditional Xmas Buffet Dinner. I have had no requests for vegetarian options.....

Drinks: 18 liters of free mulled wine to get you started! (TBC)
Beer, softies and mixers included. 
BYO wine & spirits. 
The Mess has $70 bottles of red & white wine on sale for cash

Location: Senior Officers Mess, 6th Floor, Caine House, HKI Police HQ, Arsenal Street, Wanchai. This is the gate nearest Gloucester Road/the Harbour

Nearest MTR: due to Admiralty MTR construction work? use Wanchai MTR Exit C and walk west along Lockhart Road & north into Arsenal Street. Cross over near Gloucester Road. Bar girls collected en route will be refused access

Access: your names will be at the guard post. You might need to show ID. Call me on 9307 2041 if you get arrested; I will arrange for your meal to be sent to the cells....
From GM Dingaling:

Its HK$300 per head, full three course traditional Christmas dinner, bottled beers, soft drinks  & mixers and disco

Wine, Spirits - Bring Your Own or buy red, white or bubbly from the Mess for CASH on the night!

If people wish to support we can have:
- mulled wine (if someone makes)
- cheese and biscuits (if someone brings along)
- decorations (if someone arranges or if already installed by the Mess as per last year)

Theme: Sci-Fi (Note: Aliens may get deported!)
Disco: Jon with his dancing iPods

The List So Far 24Nov13:

Plod 2
Farty 2 + disco
Screwless 2
Monkey 1
Britarse 2
Stunts 2
69K 2
Big M 2
Dingaling 2
Victim 2
Moonie 2
Tin Tin 2
Zimmer 3
BJ Moss 2
Stingray 2
Desperate D 2
No Name 2
Pogues 2
GB, GJ 2
Salesman 2

BJ Leahy 1
Lip Service 1
Soggy 1
Wanchai W 2
OGiV 1
Widow Wanky 1
Swing Low 1
Mark Sex 1

Leadbelly 2?
Velcro 1?

51 confirmed
3 possible

Podger's Pot Competition 2013

posted 11 May 2013, 20:43 by Guy Shirra   [ updated 7 Feb 2017, 05:54 by Nine Ignorant Cocks ]

The first Weigh-In for the SKH3 Podgers' Pot (copyright Golden Balls) took place yesterday:

120 Golden Balls
113 Chemical Ali
104 Farty Pants
97   SM? (not Sam Miguel, surely?) Presumably Salesman GM
96   WhySoSyria
95   Big Moany
85   Luk Sap Gow
85   G-Spot
78   Gunpowder Plod
74   Stuntdouble

In the absence of the whole committee and many of the contestants, an Interim Weigh-In was held on 28 July:

Winner  -5K = 4.17% Golden Balls
2nd        -3K = 3.85% Plod
3rd         -2K = 2.78% Stuntdouble
4th        +1K              LSG

The Winner was presented with a cup of pot noodles :-) 

The Final Weigh-In will take place, subject to GM approval, after further hard exercise and dieting :-) at the AGM on 15 December 2013.

The winner of the prestigious Podgers' Pot (to be donated by Plod) will be the podger who has lost most weight as a percentage of his First Weigh-In weight.


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