Next Run - No 2029 古池や蛙飛び込む水の音

Date: Sunday 20 August 2017

Time: 1600 hrs (that's 4 pm)

Hare: Catch of the Day

Run Start Location: Ma Sim Pai Road, Tsuen Wan

1st choice start is sitting out area near roundabout. 2nd choice is sitting out area 250m from roundabout, depending upon car parking availability. 3rd choice is under a toadstool at the end of a rainbow next to a unicorn.

Coordinates: 22.376417, 114.120639

Nearest MTR: Tsuen Wan

By public transport: From Tsuen Wan MTR station follow the breadcrumbs to the start. Ten minute walk. Delicious.

By Car/Parking: Car parking available near the start, depending upon where the start is. You may need to ask the unicorn to move.

Run type: A to A with Haiku and Pokemon.

Hare's Remarks: "You build blidge now!"

Buckets: Catch of the Day

OnOn: Pikachu

Breaking News!

posted 27 Jul 2017, 07:02 by Nine Ignorant Cocks

The GM is positively, most definitely, absolutely certainly GAY.

You heard it here first folks.

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Hash News

posted 12 Oct 2009, 16:33 by Guy Shirra   [ updated 31 Dec 2012, 20:56 ]

The GM is NOW officially gay!!

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